Bombarded by Persuasion

Have I
Do I
Would I ever need
Or use it –
Still accosted, it goes on.
The more you hear it
The more you recognise the voice
Of the chief persuader
Reminding you of it,
Whether you will ever need it
Or use it –
Or not.
Echoing jingles
Our brains have space for so many
Slogans, branding,
Seared in our minds
Though what they’re selling
Was not before important,
Now we need it
Never to use it –
Speaking to some part of us,
Selfishly hungry,
That wants to own
For no other reason
Than to know what owning is like
To say we own
Whatever it is
They’re begging us to purchase,
On knees behind
Television screens.
We don’t need it
We don’t use it –
Our lives unimproved by it
Whatever it may be,
But theirs –
They take our money
Pump it back into
Obnoxious advertising
So they can persuade the next one
And the next
To buy something
They won’t need
And will never use.


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