A great poem – fairy tales give us hope, they end when the story is at its happiest point, but they could always keep going …

Impromptu Promptlings

cinderella 1

Romantics have
such a gift for
writing their own story
and then
——believing it.

They will swear to
high heaven and,
anyone who will listen,
there really are
such things as
knowing full well
that when the glass slipper
comes off
——it shatters.

Cynical? Maybe.
But we usually forget
that after the ball
the clock chimes
——at midnight.

The white horses
become mice again,
the footmen a fine,
fat rat and his brother,
and the golden carriage a broken,
——gooey pumpkin.

The beautiful gown
turns back into rags,
the magical fairy
godmother clocks out,
and the housework
——well it was there all along.

But what a testimony
to the human spirit
that we can survive
the carnage time and again
and go right on
——believing in the fairytale.

cinderella 2


(Repost from 3/10/15)

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