gravestone with a view

Great free verse poetry, there’s a lot of strong, sad, empty imagery in here.

Words Arranged in Disorder.

i’m afraid there’s nothing left in the tank but fumes and false hope.

aluminum is not a friend, it’s a recyclable material that contains happiness when the world turns a blind eye to its ubiquitous pain and i am only a scarecrow in a field full of bodybuilders and terrifying childhood memories.

it’s all too much. the emptiness is only invisible when the music bruises my ear-drums or when i think of how your lips and teeth felt on my bones. the band-aids will fall off but your words are branded like factory farms.

the worst part? i’m a sketch left on the easel in an abandoned schoolhouse. i’m a half-assed mannequin. i’ve translated the seasons into colorless cycles in cyclical misrepresentation. astute observation leads me to believe i’m the product of a meaningless procreation.

shutting off my eyes doesn’t feed all of the starving souls who actually want all…

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