One Bucket Woman


What’s a vodka and lemon bucket?
Okay, I’ll have one. Is it good?
It’s good?
Then I’ll have one.

It’s like a miniature fish bowl.
I didn’t expect it to be that big.
I need two hands to hold this bucket.
Oh – oh my!
Did they put any lemon in this?
Are they always this strong?

I think I’ll drink this slowly.
Don’t want to get hammered
On my first night out.
I don’t even know how to get home.

Actually, it doesn’t taste that strong now.
I might have another
After I’ve finished this one.
You were right.
It is good.
And no –
I don’t feel drunk!

Nobody appreciates my dance moves?
Whoops –

Wow, the floor got really close
Really fast.

Do you know –
No, no, listen to me –
Did you know –
Oh, man –
I just love you guys –
Did you guys know that?

You’re leaving?
Oh, come on! The night’s still young!
No, no –
It’s fine,
I can find my way home.
I can –
Don’t you know that?

Oh, man.
Where am I?
Oh, man.
My head’s really throbbing.
Oh, man!
I’m not touching
One of those buckets again.

You’re drinking
Vodka and lemon buckets again?
Oh, go on then,
I’ll just have one …

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

Please visit my author page and share in my adventure:


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