River That Flows In Me by Felicity Green

He came up to the piano.
It was like seeing a child
filled with wonder
and curiosity.
He was a friend of mine,
but a pianist that I never knew of.
As his fingers touched
the black and white keys,
my view started to change.

I didn’t see any tables
or chairs
or the rest of the people
aside from us.
I saw a vision of us,
side by side,
as our hearts
bring out rivers
that would flow
and onto the music.
Our rivers roaring
in unison.
Our rivers strong enough
that nothing can
destroy our
rhythm and

I saw colours.
Colours of beauty and awe,
it was like seeing a rainbow
after for so long.

I never believed in this kind of falling
in love.
But, maybe I wasn’t falling in love;
maybe it was there all along.
Maybe, this time,
my river
has started
in me.

About Felicity

Felicity Green is an amateur writer and photographer in the Philippines. She writes and expresses herself through music, art, writing, and dance.

Felicity regularly writes poems on topics such as life and romance. You can read more of her poems and follow her on her blog: https://felicitygreenwrites.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “River That Flows In Me by Felicity Green

  1. Laura!
    I just went to Felecity’s blog and I am proud to put the first likes in her latest two posts and her About and Contact also. I have followed her. You can just go and read my comments. She is only 16 and has the maturity of 60 in her writings.
    Awesome. Thanks for giving her a lift.

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