Tattooed Hearts


Did not register
In his mind.
He had no
Mental chains
To tie him down,
To pull him away
From the absurd,
The unexpected
Or the embarrassing.

Did not matter
To him.
He wore his
Upon his skin.
It was inspiring
To see him surrender
To whatever
He wanted to do.

Did not apply:
He was unbound.
He did not
Think twice
(Or even once,
Only acted
Without explanation,
Ignoring judgement.

In his soul
To be happy
And nothing more
Than that.
He was freer
In spirit
Than anyone
Who places rules
Before their needs.

On his face
Night and day,
But never more so
Than when
He told the stories
Written on
His skin,
Tattooed across
His heart.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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