Healer of the Broken Hearts by Shiva Malekopmath

I see
I go astray
For I see broken hearts
Everywhere and wherever
For once they were full of Love
Shaped diamond shinning
Into pieces
Lost its grandeur
Quality not deteriorated
For still the Love persists
Hearts left alone
But full of Love
No doubt
Craving to be again
In the love
Want of response
Self pride pushing back
Wishes & Ambitions sword played
Thus broke Hearts in pieces
I stand no more
To see
Them parted
What meaning love
Shall carry
Continuance of situation
Shall inspire no one
To love in future
Hence I beg
Give me the Cross, Jesus!
Oh! Shiva! your Trishul
Or something divine
Even a stick
The Power
Shall work
For I want to be
Healer of Broken Hearts

About Shiva

Industrialist and Entrepreneur by Vocation. Done Social Work. Sportsman during College days. Taught Yoga to thousands along the learning. Thinker of Life, Philosophy and Spirituality. Favorite Subjects – History & Space. Writing – a new Endeavor. Blogging- a Passion.

Shiva writes regularly, and is one of those fantastic bloggers who’s always keen to comment on other people’s posts. You may find that if you visit Shiva’s blog, you’ll learn a thing or two – especially in the author’s comments beneath the haiku! Look out for more of Shiva’s writing later in the year, and be sure to visit: https://theshivasponder.wordpress.com/


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