Our Photographs by Felicity Green


“One… Two… Three… Say ‘Cheese!’”,
and we said our cheese’s.
Your left hand warm and soft
on my right hand
in our summer sunset.
It was one of our moments
I would forever wish to keep.
It was one of our special shots
that would have
a place in my
history book.
It was one of our photographs.


As seasons changed,
so did you.
You started to transform into
the cold and longer darkness
of winter.
You were darker
and it made me sadder.
By the end of winter,
I knew that
you never gave me the warmth
to warm my body from the chilly season,
but the coldness
to freeze and shiver
under my knitted cardigan.
By the start of spring,
my days started blooming
cherry blossoms
as I move on
from winter.


Summer is now coming.
A summer without you is coming.
I’ve torn and thrown our photographs
in the trash bin
because I am saving it
for better moments
from someone better.
I may be moving to a new summer,
but I still can’t move on from you.
The photographs we have taken
a year ago,
the same photographs that
I have sent to the trash bin,
they will still remain photographs.
Photographs that were printed
with our moments from the past.
They were our photographs;
the photographs where our memories
will forever be
in our history books.

About Felicity

Felicity Green is an amateur writer and photographer in the Philippines. She expresses herself through music, art, writing, and dance.

Big thanks to Felicity for submitting more of her wonderful poetry to Let it Come from the Heart! If you enjoy her writing as much as I do, please visit and follow her blog: felicitygreenwrites.wordpress.com

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