I really like the way that this poem is written, with broken lines and sentences just like the broken poet.


it pains me
it pains me to be happy

for you

but i will be

i will tell you that

i will smile and say
that you guys

are beautiful together.
even though

it pains me
and destroys me.
my eyes….

they’re all lies.

unless you look close enough.
but i hide behind my lies
you’re happy

and she’s happy.
i’m non existent in your happiness
and i will stay in that non-existence
because that is normal
and familiar.

i relive the moments

when you held my hand in yours

and gently dragged your finger
across the little tattoo on my wrist.

when it was just you and i,
over drinks….
but you were lonely

because being long distance isn’t easy
you words. not mine.
how did i get suckered into something that is literally nothing?

how did i get so caught up and believe in the…

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