Matthew Hopkins

You’ve heard of me, I’ve travelled far
From Bedfordshire to East Anglia
John Stearne and I cure the fear
Of those caught in the witches’ snare
These Devil’s whores confess their sins:
The Witchfinder’s trial begins.

As civil war wages across the nation
We hunt the hags in league with Satan
Our methods and knowledge used abroad
As far as Salem, to please God
By locating the Devil’s mark:
The Witchfinder has done his work.

Parliament has sent us round
To bring this evil to the ground
To crush the sinners under our boots –
That’s what we claim as we pursue
Their execution, our good pay:
The Witchfinder will have his way.

One hundred people to my name
A dark, despicable, ghastly fame
My legacy will endure forever:
Torture and trials are my pleasure
Though my time has now come and passed,
The Witchfinder’s reputation will last.


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