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Your poem, short story, or other post is more likely to be read if it looks clear, easy to read, and has an enticing title. But something that can potentially attract readers even more than these is the use of images. There are many websites out there that warn bloggers about the dangers of using copyrighted materials, including images, but there are also plenty of free images on the internet that you are freely able to use.

This month, we are going to think about ways that writers can increase their readership online. We have already discussed some things that can help us to do this when we thought about connections in April. If you’d like to take a look through them or refresh your memory, here they are:

This month is going to be more focused on the posts themselves and things that we can include in our posts to expand our reach as writers. Today, let’s think about our use of images.

Images does not just mean photographs. For some pieces of writing, a photograph many not be appropriate or even necessary. You might want to use a cartoon, a diagram, an icon or an image composed of text instead. These should be relevant to the piece that they are attached to, so that you can ensure you are going to draw in the right readers, people who are interested in what you have written about. Your readers might stop reading if you keep posting stories about werewolves with pictures of sunbathers attached!

Pictures ultimately help to draw readers in by quickly capturing their interest. So, you can use them as part of a way to draw more readers into your sphere of influence by providing potential readers with a glimmer into the images you are trying to create in your writing. There are lots of free pictures out there to use – so, if you don’t normally attach pictures to your writing or you have fallen out of the habit, then take that little bit of extra time out after you’ve finished a piece to find the perfect picture to go with it.

This month’s theme is READERS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog that could help new and upcoming writers to reach more readers, then please post a link in the comments or email me on with the subject: Readers.

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