Readers: Reblogging and Sharing

You have probably seen that other writers have had their poetry and stories reblogged or shared on Let it Come from the Heart. This can happen in a number of ways: via email, through the Submit page, or if something on my reader happens to catch my eye. You may have even discovered someone new to follow and read through this blog or another blog that reblogs great posts.

This month, we are thinking about ways that writers can increase their readership online. Some of these things should be familiar to us from the month of April, when the theme on this blog was Connections. So far this month, we have thought about our use of images and what we are reading (as well as some of our interactions with other writers). Today, let’s discuss the benefits of sharing the writing of others.

This first and most obvious effect that reblogging, sharing (e.g. on social media – I find Twitter is often the best site), or linking to the work of another writer is that the writer may visit the place where you shared it to thank you. This may lead to them checking out your writing themselves. There’s a big chance that, if you write about similar topics or share things that interest them, then they may enjoy your writing as much as you enjoy theirs.

Letting people who visit your writing blog know what kind of writers you like and what influences you when you pick up a pen can also help you to build readers. If you are into the same things that your visitors are into, then they may decide to read through some of your writing and/or follow you. This means that you could also share more famous poets and their poems – discuss them, explore them, or simply explain that you like them – to demonstrate the interests you share with your readers and give them more of an incentive to look around your blog.

Don’t forget that sharing can be a great way to keep your blog active on days when you don’t have the time to write a piece of your own to post. It can build a community around you and your blog that could boost your blog traffic, which is the first step towards gaining more permanent readers. Keeping your blog and your posts regular can make it seem more enticing – so, share the love, and you’ll start to see it being returned.

This month’s theme is READERS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog that could help new and upcoming writers to reach more readers, then please post a link in the comments or email me on with the subject: Readers.

2 thoughts on “Readers: Reblogging and Sharing

  1. Hi Laura

    I have not written something I would like you to share, but there is something in line with what you said that I would like to share. I have been researching different methods of driving traffic (and therefore readers) with the hopes of eventually converting those to actual followers. The sharing, reblogging and guest writing strategies work quite a bit, but there was another system I discovered that actually works well if you change your thinking around it.

    I discovered two sites that I like that work in driving traffic to your site, namely and At first sight, these platforms look like crummy ways to get people to your site. They both work on modified methods whereby you visit other sites for points or credits, which in turn you can use against your own website. This means people will visit your site to also accumulate points and credit. The more points you make, the more others will visit your site to claim the points you collected.

    There is the immediate danger that these visitors simply gloss over your page to get those credits and move on (like you would probably do when collecting your own points). It can push your website traffic to over 1000’s, but the value is only in those that actually read it. Cause that’s what we really want. For the work to be read, not for the numbers to appear high.

    I decided to use these systems as a trial anyway. I’ve discovered that, if you give credits to your actually blog / post URL, and not the home page, there is a greater chance of them actually staying and going through your other posts. This is especially true now that I have announced the upcoming launch of my new horror novel ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’. With a catchy slug title and enticing article, not only will they click on it to get the credits, but I have earned some good followers through the system.

    So I thought I would just share that. Loved your post, and I agree we should do everything we can to help each other as writers reach out.

    Loving regards


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