Bui Vien

Sunlight cascades down from pleasant skies
Settling on the heads and shoulders of those walking round;
A street lined with bars, restaurants and shops,
Street vendors busy selling their wares at every door.

Air alive with enthusiasm, filled with sounds of motion,
Of taxis and motorbikes that dodge tourists’ feet;
Of hesitant foreigners looking for a gap in the traffic
Unaware the rule is to walk and never look back.

Banners fly high advertising food and drink,
Places to stay and day trips out, in eye-popping fashion;
By day hostels sell alcohol, their customers spilling out
Onto the streets, seated on uncomfortable plastic chairs.

By night hotels bathe the sky in bright, glitzy lights;
The sight a wonder to behold, the smells even more
Inviting: here western grub, there eastern food,
Scents mingling together in a delightful mixture.

Aromas waft under your nose, and your stomach rumbles
At the thought of sampling something never before
To grace your tongue. An invitation to explore, discover
In easy comfort: Bui Vien will cater to every tourist’s need.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

Please visit my author page and share in my adventure:

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