From Want to Ambition

She called Herself Desire.
There was a while when I thought I knew Her,
When I thought I understood it all:
The racing pulse
My pounding heart
The ache that settled itself deep within my bones.
That need for Her,
The desperation I associated with Desire –
But it was never true.
The things I wanted, from my partners,
From my friends,
And from my family,
As I trotted through my childish life
Were basic, simple little goals,
Petty in themselves
So easy for Desire to encourage me to demand.
I cannot pinpoint when it chanced,
What incident it was that made me whole,
But the time came
When I discovered
Genuine Desire within me.
No longer was She another party,
Separated physically
From my tender flesh:
The aim, the goal, my real intentions
To improve,
These were the feelings that drove me
To my limits
And gave me all the energy I needed
To become something –
Not somebody –
To inspire Her, Desire,
In another worthy
Of Her generosity.


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