If I Say So Myself

This poem is a real insight into a budding writer’s mind. But lack of success doesn’t mean poor quality writing – it’s so hard for writers to market themselves these days. Keep going and believe in yourself!


Today I realised I’m not good enough

At a time when things were looking up

But this is not just doubt resurfacing

It’s the nature of the business were serving in

I’m torn and I’m angry

Direct it towards those that stand with me

Why did you build me up to greatness?

Why did you not show me what a fall from grace is?

If I was as great as we both say

Then how comes I fail to grace these pages

Fail to win the competitions I’m entering

I built my ego from amateurs liking and commenting

Stoke the flames but I haven’t set the world alight

If I can’t ignite these lines, then I seldom might

I’m a writer, who built up his name

And the fan base that remains, is still the same

You read these words I craft with ink

Intricate weaving in and out of…

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