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One of the major reasons that I have seen why new blogs fail is because the blogger does not have a clear idea of its purpose or a “plan” – e.g. how often they will post and what they will post. For writers, setting realistic targets is an important element of setting up a blog. Although you do not want to put too much pressure on yourself to produce great content, you also do not want to post so infrequently or sporadically that your readers will become disinterested or likely to miss your posts.

This month, I want to talk about using WordPress as a writer and why this blogging platform can benefit writers. There is a lot to talk about on this subject. Everything that I will discuss is something that I have personally found has improved my confidence, blog traffic and reader interaction. Last time, I discussed the basics for setting up a blog you will be happy with. Today’s post is, I believe, the most importing for ensuring that a blog survives: posts, their frequency, and their content.

When you create your blog, you should already have an idea about what you want to post. You may decide to focus on either poems or stories, you might have a different blog for each, or you might decide to combine them together. You might want to post chapters from a longer story, and will need to decide whether you want an individual blog for that story, or to include it with your other stories.

There are other types of content to consider, too. Will you post different genres on the same blog, or do you need individual blogs for your horror, fantasy, erotica, and so on? Will you have writing tips, quotes, or articles about writing on your blog? Will you post anything personal, or blog achievements like reaching a certain number of followers? Will you reblog other writers? These are all things that can be altered at a later date, but consistency is key.

Arguably more important than this (especially in the beginning) is figuring out how frequently you will be able to post. You will have other commitments, such as school, work, and your social life. On my first blog, I posted whenever I felt like it, until I got bored and ran out of material. Many of my posts did not get the time they needed to “breathe”. So, when I started Let it Come from the Heart, I decided to post only one story or poem a fortnight, on a Wednesday. When I realised I could produce more than this, it became once a week, then twice a week – now, I post or reblog every single day, and next year I have plans to produce even more of my own posts. The important thing to focus on here is to start slow and progressively build, added more and more posts or interactions without demanding too much of yourself.

A great way to build on how often you can post is to participate in a writing challenge or weekly prompts. As well as Blogging U, there are also lots of writing blogs that can be of benefit here: for poets, try Poetry 101 Rehab and story tellers, Friday Fictioneers or Sunday Photo Fiction. Look around for others, too – there are plenty of prompts about! A regular writing challenge will get your creativity flowing and add another post to your current schedule.

This month’s theme is WORDPRESS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog that focuses on the benefits to writers of using WordPress, then please post a link in the comments or email me on lauramarieclark1@gmail.com with the subject: WordPress.


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