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There comes a point when all bloggers – not only new bloggers, but also those of us who have been blogging for a while – ask themselves the same question: how can I get more people to view (and interact with) my content? There are many ways in which you can achieve this, but one of the simplest is to examine how you are tagging your posts.

This month is all about blogs (but WordPress in particular) on Let it Come from the Heart. More specifically, we are thinking about why WordPress is useful for writers and what tips we can give other writers on WordPress. So far, we have considered setting up a blog that you are likely to stick with, and key things to think about when you are organising and creating your posts. Today, the subject is tagging.

For those of who do not know much about tagging, it is a careful selection of key words or phrases that are related to our post that help other people to find said post. When you create a post on WordPress, you will have the opportunity to tag your post – I once read that WordPress suggests 15 tags as an optimum number. Once you have tagged your post, people who are following that tag on their reader will be able to see your post, even if they are not following your blog. So, how can you use tags to your advantage?

The most important thing here is to made sure you use relevant (and not too obscure) tags. For instance, lots of people will be following the “romance” tag, but far fewer will be following a tag like “young teen romance” – you would split this tag into three separate tags. Start your tagging by giving your post general, more popular tags, such as “poem”, “story”, and “fiction”. Then select the genre or theme of your post, e.g. “horror”, “sci-fi”, or “writing tip”. Try to fill in the remaining tags (I like to have more than ten on a post, whenever possible) with smaller topics relevant to your post, like “relationships”, “happy”, or “sad”.

For me, good tagging seems to make an immediate change to the number of people who see and interact with my post. But poor tagging can sneak in every now and then, and it isn’t always easy to tell which tags will work for your blog. Fear not! You can always go back to edit your published post and add new tags so that more people will find it. So go ahead, get tagging, and let more people discover your writing!

This month’s theme is WORDPRESS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog that focuses on the benefits to writers of using WordPress, then please post a link in the comments or email me on lauramarieclark1@gmail.com with the subject: WordPress.

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