The Ravenous One

He gnaws through my flesh down to the bone.
His teeth are sharp enough to rip my body into pieces,
His lips covered in the dark red liquid love
That returns me to him even as it drips down –

Splat, splat

– Steadily onto the carpet, where on the first night
We made love, too excited to make it to the bed.
That’s so long ago as he digs his fingers into the wound,
Prises my flesh open further, and through the searing pain –

Splat, splat

– His drool dripping down onto the carpet.
This hunger to tear me apart, until I am no longer a person
But a mess of flesh and blood and bone,
I know one day he will kill me. And so –

Splat, splat

– My tears mingle with the blood and drool.
As I remember that my heart beats only for him,
I feel his anger searing its way through him into me, like
Teeth gnawing their way through flesh to bone.

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