Pick a point in the sky and focus on it

A truly wonderful poem.


Rules for living? So many! Turn
on your computer, and fix yourself
in the bonhomie of light within light
within light. Get comfortable. It is
going to be a long night. Learn these
rules, defy them when you get bored,
and when you think, hey, I am going to
do this my way, life, I am going to live in
how I feel it is fair and respectful
to the gift of life that has been
given to me to live, the truth is
you will have revelations and break
downs, and you will want to start it
all over because it feels like you are
not only beating a dead horse but
speaking to it with words of love
with all the love of the world in the
glory of your voice, what seeds of love,
what youth in the heart, what crown
of petals reflecting the garlands of
constellations in…

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