A Look Back at my Blog in 2016

It’s that time of year again. The time for reflections, for looking back, and then for looking forward.

As some of you know, I began this blog back at the beginning of 2015. It was originally on Tumblr (where it still exists), but I decided to move it over to WordPress later in January 2015. Back then, I was only posting once a fortnight, then once a week, then twice a week … in 2016, there was at least one post on LICFTH every single day, which is an excellent improvement. I’ll say more about what will happen here in 2017 on New Year’s Day – you should expect to hear my voice, as author, reader and individual, more often – but for now let’s take a look back at some of my favourite posts from 2016.

Some of these did not get as much attention as the others, but I am proud and fond of them all.


I’ve picked a short story and a poem from January.

Poem: Prophecy – There’s been a lot of dark poetry on my blog this year (it’s more fun to write!) and this one set the year off nicely for what was to come.

Short Story: The Spooky Shack – Kids love a scare. Adults don’t. That’s what I know about growing up, and that’s the idea behind this story.

January was also the first month of other writers being frequently featured on this blog. My favourite featured post was From Dark into the Light by Fred.


February was an exciting time for me. Writing Tips Volume 1 was published, featuring the writing tips I had provided for Creative Talents Unleashed.

Short Story: Magik Book – This story was originally a prompt on Tumblr that I answered in 2015, and I decided to share it here a while later after discovering I still enjoyed it.

My favourite featured post was while we sleep by unbolt me.


I was published again in March, this time in A Bouquet of Verse by ARDUS Publications. My busy writing at the beginning of the year resulted in the inclusion of two of my poems in this anthology.

Poem: Now That We Can Smell – After writing about using smell in writing, I was asked to give further examples. This poem was the result.

Short Story: In Memory – a quick story about two people remembering someone they lost.

There was an abundance of great featured writing in March, but my favourite piece was The Unclaimed Man, a character description from The Well of Fiction.


Another month, another publication. This time I had both a poem and a short story published in Shades of the Same Skin, an anthology from Creative Talents Unleashed.

Poem: An Alien – An excerpt from my own book of poems, City of the World, about being a stranger in a foreign land.

A fantastic poem that was featured on this blog in April was I Do Not Hook Up by brookeandcompany.


No more publications. May was the time when I started to focus on the big change that would happen in my life in late September: my Masters degree. I’ve picked out two poems from this month.

Poem: Akismet Saves the Day – A tribute to the WordPress bot who stops all those spam bots from commenting on my posts, and occasionally likes to list genuine posts as spam too.

Poem: The Raven’s Way – I sat watching a raven bathing itself in the rain and thought about having nothing to write about. So I wrote about it.

My favourite featured piece from May was the fantastically creative The Story of a Poem, by Knots of Thoughts.


My contribution to Shades of the Same Skin was shared on the Creative Talents Unleashed blog in June.

Short Story: Three Wishes – A fun little story (or so I thought at the beginning) about a genie.

Poem: A Child of Two Places – A little ‘who am I?’ life crisis in the form of a poem.

And the featured short story I picked out for June is the curious Make Me Beautiful by Calliope’s Lyre.


It was difficult to select my favourite posts from July, because it was a great month for the writing on this blog.

Poem: Bombarded by Persuasion – I get fed up of advertisements really easily. But it’s a part of modern life … unfortunately.

Short Story: A Reading – Magic, witches, genies … I continued down the fantasy/occult list with the tarot.

For the featured post, I chose Cleansing Befuddle by november winter.


Two poems from August: magic and anxiety.

Poem: Dedicated to the Goddess – White or black magic, depending on your take.

Poem: Demise and Rebirth – A mixture of anxiety about life and anxiety about writing, with a glimmer of *gasp* positivism at the end.

And my favourite featured poem was maybe by Crumpled Paper Cranes.


Returning to university was a reminder that – oh – academic writing exists. And it’s a pain.

Poem: Creators – Because parents are the Gods of our childhood universe.

My favourite featured post, with wonderful imagery, was Beneficial Friends by Kira’s Hymn.


You would think I’d have lots of spooky stories to share for October, but … what was I thinking? Here’s a couple more non-spooky poems.

Poem: Good Guy Pining – Or, alternatively, “Why do women find bad guys so attractive? I held a door open for a woman once!”

Poem: In Days of Innocence – Because the world wasn’t simpler when we were kids, but our lives were.

I’ve picked out a nice rhyming poem from October: This night is beautiful by If my mind spoke.


Again, there was a lot to choose from on this blog for November. I finally selected a poem and a short story.

Poem: The Ravenous One – I used a few different techniques for this one, wanting to create something unusual.

Short Story: Button Eyes – Dolls tend to be creepy, but this one’s just forgiving.

My favourite featured post was Soul of the World, from Brendenn’s Writing Blog.


And finally, December. A summary of my blog for this year has shown just how much variety there has been in the writing posted and featured here. Here’s a quick look back at the past month.

Short Story: The Lonely Book – a quick little piece about a book left untouched on a shelf.

Poem: Spider-Lover and Fly-Boy – I saw a spider on a web. Yeah. That’s how this one was written.

It was very difficult to pick a favourite featured piece from December, but I finally selected A Funeral For Thoughts by Beck Medina.

Well, what a year! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe there are a couple of Byzantine saints who would like me to analyse how their holiness has been gendered …oh the wonders of academia!

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