YouTube Tuesday: The Dragon Slayer

Okay, I’m going to say it right at the beginning: I am not a performer. There was a time when I was in primary school and one of the other kid’s mothers said that I was going to grow up to be an actress. Well, I may have been a bit of a drama princess (I’ve certainly never been a queen) at times, but I’m no actress. So proceed with some caution and a good sense of pessimism (it’s good for you!).

I’ve started to put a few of my poems on YouTube, as spoken pieces. So far, there’s been next to no interaction, which I’m not exactly unhappy about (YouTube comments are notoriously unhelpful). As time goes on, I’m sure my performance skills will improve, but I’m going to share all of the poems here on Let it Come from the Heart anyway. The first one is “The Dragon Slayer”, which I wrote in February 2015.

Here is the original poem, with the spoken version at the bottom.

The Dragon Slayer

Across the fields and hills
Where hungry cattle graze
Moves a true and noble rider
T’wards a city set ablaze
By a creature filled with hatred
Of the gentle people’s ways
Which in a foul and wicked temper
That great city set ablaze

On his trusty, strong companion
On his brave and loyal steed
He rides up to the flaming homes
To end the dragon’s greed
In answer to the call of
The people’s desperate pleas
His sword and shield ready to
Destroy the dragon’s greed

Scaly armour on the beast;
No one has pierced its hide
Not fearing this, he swears
To avenge those who died;
His steed he leaves in safety
Thankful for this gentle guide
And goes to face the beast that
Extinguished those who died

The creature rounds him fiercely
As the warrior draws near;
He approaches the great monster
So bold; no hint of fear
It roars with mighty dominance
It bellows with a sneer
Yet he holds his head up high
Showing no hint of fear

A tail that brings down buildings
Collides roughly with his shield
Though the beast is far stronger
The warrior will not yield
They circle; they attack with force
One of their fates is sealed
Though until that fateful moment
The monster will not yield

A weakness in its armour
Beneath its giant head
Gives the warrior the chance
To strike the beast down dead
To destroy the wretched creature
That the city folk have fled;
When their fierce battle is over
He pins the beast down dead


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