YouTube Tuesday: Confessions of an Addict

Another YouTube Tuesday video, this poem was written back in 2015 but it’s still one of the ones I remember the most.

Confessions of an Addict

I have gone away
That is not because of you, and I hesitate to sound cliché
But I drifted off the course that you had set
For some quiet life together

I have lost touch
With those I knew in my youth, the good friends and the enemies alike
Though I promised I would always be there
When we had made our fortunes

I have come undone
My losses build up higher, all that I was or ever could have been
For when the world reads my obituary
There will be nothing to my name

I have deserted you
My defence has no backing, I shift the blame so I can justify
It was my addled mind that told me what to do
And I thought I was living too

I have regrets
Countless burdens on me, the things I chose over the world outside
Putting pleasures before true happiness
I’m alone with them forever now

I have apologised
It seemed so easy at first, whatever words you wanted me to say
But I gave in and sought the release again
My only love until I die

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