Opportunity for Budding Writers: microAGGRESSION Anthology Submissions Open

Creative Talents Unleashed have recently announced a new opportunity for budding writers to submit their poetry, short stories, journal entries, thought pieces, and essays for publication in their next anthology. The anthology will be entitled “microAGGRESSION: Then & Now” and you can discover more about it, including what the company is looking for and how to submit, on the Creative Talents Unleashed blog or on the event page on Facebook.

Submissions will be open until the end of February.

Foreword . . .

Balance is key in understanding the impact of Microaggression or, depending on your viewpoint, the lack thereof. Does it affect you, personally? Does it affect somebody you love? Is it real? Is it cultural? Or is it just some fancy “new” term used to further complicate how people communicate with one another. Should it be ignored, or highlighted and explored? Is it worth your time? The purpose of this anthology on the subject of Microaggression is to explore its ceiling from the surface and below. This book, “Then & Now”, will serve as a manual on this topic and more importantly, inspire generations to take a closer look at the layers of human communication that go unspoken for time and time again.

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