Monday Reflection: Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of Monday Reflection! On Friday I became officially unemployed (again) – hopefully I’ll be able to get a weekend job soon so that it doesn’t interfere with my studies too much. In the meantime, I’ve got more opportunities to go through my reader, and here’s what I picked out to share from last week:


Blank Page on Poems and Short Stories

untitled by Jade Forbes on Applaud the Poet

Wake Dragging on Day Events


Time Travel Inc. – The Installer on Flash 365


Here’s a blog with a variety of authors who all write divergent literature: Sudden Denouement Literary Collective. Follow the link and check out the ‘About’ page to discover its sister sites.

I hope you enjoy going through these posts as much as I did. Happy reading! And if you’ve read something worthy of sharing, add a link in the comments below to share it with everyone else!

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