Monday Reflection: Week 9

Welcome back to Monday Reflection! I’ve got all of my results back from last semester now (finally, the last exam took forever to mark), and I’m happy with how I’ve performed – I just need to keep up the good results for this semester. In any case, here are a few things I found on my reader that I wanted to share this week:


Into the Woods on Withering Ambience

Red (Poem) on theherdlesswitch


The Rendezvous on The Well of Fiction

Time on I Have Pretty Strong Convictions, I Guess


Here’s a blog with loads of fantastic writing tips – not just for fiction, but for other forms of writing such as essays and research papers, too. They hold weekly writing challenges, as well, and even if you don’t feel like joining in, you can still use these to inspire you. So go check out Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing.

I hope you enjoy going through these posts as much as I did. Happy reading! And if you’ve read something worthy of sharing, add a link in the comments below to share it with everyone else!

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