5 Things to Start Writing About Right Now

Think you’ve got nothing to write about? Think again. There are endless ways to inspire yourself, and here are just 5 ways to begin right now.

  1. A stranger you’ve seen recently

Strangers are merely people whose stories we don’t know yet. As a writer, creating characters is something that we all do with an image in mind. Both physically and mentally, these may be somebody we’ve seen in our own lives. We can do this either consciously or subconsciously. Think of somebody you’ve seen recently who remained in your mind, whether because of their appearance or their actions, and write their story.

  1. A conversation you’ve overheard

Sometimes, we catch a conversation at just the right time. Passionate conversations, such as arguments and reunions, can cause us to wonder at their beginnings – and endings. Think of someone you heard someone say recently, and fill in the gaps in their conversation.

  1. A moment in your life that you will never/never want to forget

We are defined by those moments in our lives that we cannot or do not wish to forget. These can be good moments that change our lives for the better, or bad moments that we must find the strength to overcome. Depending on their nature, we can write about them in different ways: a letter to somebody who was cruel, a poem about someone we love or someone we lost, an article to encourage and inform, a story based on real events, and so on. Oftentimes, these are the pieces which display the most emotion – and bring out all our skills as writers.

  1. A place you love/want to visit

The world is a place of beauty that is waiting to be explored. Whether somewhere we have already been or somewhere we have yet to discover, writing about it can open avenues of description that can challenge our abilities as writers as we attempt to put the beauty of that place into mere words on a page.

  1. A thought that is spinning around in your head

A lyric, a title, a sentence, an idea … whatever it is, our heads are filled with many things that never make it onto paper. Pluck a thought out of your head and write it down, then allow your imagination to develop it from there.

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