Monday Reflection: Week 10

It’s week 10 of 2017 already, and so far I’ve been very busy, both on this blog and in the *gasp* real world. My next big task is to create an abstract for a 20-minute paper based around my chosen dissertation topic. I’ve got lots of issues with the whole speak-for-20-minutes-about-your-own-research-and-then-defend-it-against-questions thing, but the main issue right now is that I haven’t actually been able to narrow my dissertation topic down all that much.

As a handy distraction from all this academic lark, I turned to my WordPress reader. Here’s what I wanted to share from the past week:


Blind Woman on Calliope’s Lyre

Oh on Hockadower

Water Child – A Ghazal on Poet’s Corner (where you might even discover a new form of poem to try)


The Money Wallet on 200 Word Stories


For some regular, daily flash fiction/short stories on you reader, check out Flash 365. It’s always great quality writing, and the art that comes with it will surely catch your attention.

I hope you enjoy going through these posts as much as I did. Happy reading! And if you’ve read something worthy of sharing, add a link in the comments below to share it with everyone else!

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