The Tourist and the Local

Did you – ?
Did you see that?
Oh my gosh!
How can they
Just walk across the road
Without looking
Like that?

Oh, look!
It’s always amusing
To see people stop
And stare
At the traffic.
You can see the questions
In their minds.

Oh, well now,
I think I’ll have one of these
And one of those –
Oh, and one of those, too;
Today, I’ll go here,
Tomorrow I’ll go there:
Is so cheap here!

I cannot believe
How much they charge
For that.
These people
Have got money
Falling out
Of their pockets.

There’s so much to do!
How do I decide
Where to go,
What to do,
Where to stay,
What to eat,
What to buy …
How can I possibly choose?

If they’re not
More careful
With that bag
Hanging loosely from their shoulder
On that thin strap,
Then …

I could party
All day, all night
Out here!
If only – oh no!
Ah –
My bag!
Snatched right out of
My fingers!

It’s a shame,
It is.
A thief on a motorbike
Is much faster
Than a drunk
On foot.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City of the World”

If you’d like to know more about this book and the others I have contributed to, please visit my author page and share my adventure:


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