Cracks of Time by Joyfrida Anindo

They built a Wall,
So they could keep us out,
But time brings wear and tear,
The fence developed cracks,
Through the cracks our eyes met,
They saw us,
We saw them,
Then they couldn’t un-see what they had done.

About Joyfrida

This poetry was written by Joyfrida Anindo. She is a Kenyan lady who lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.

You can visit Joyfrida’s blog and read more of her writing on her blog: – there’s a lot of powerful poetry to read there.


Maybe It’s Time

Great poetry with a really important message

The Fabricated


Time and time again
We say we’re going to
make this world a better place.
We say this, we say that.
We do this, we do that.
But maybe it’s time,
And maybe this time
We’ll put our minds together,
Storm through this weather,
And figure out what matters.

We talk and we talk
debate and debate,
while these creatures are
dying at an alarming rate.
No action is an action,
which causes a chain reaction
to things not getting done.
We the people have the power,
we can make this our finest hour

So, let us not cower in
the face of adversity.
We have the opportunity
to build a strong community
and bring everlasting unity.
This is the way it should be,
We should see eye to eye.
Looks like it’s time
To see the bigger picture.
For us to fix these things,
and put the pieces back…

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