Monday Reflection: Week 1

Hello and welcome to Monday Reflection! This is the time when I look back on the posts that I most enjoyed on my reader from last week and share them with you!

As this is the first week, the following layout may change in the future. I have tried to make it as simple as possible, so that you can find some great posts and new blogs to follow, whatever your passion.


A Dying Rose by S Thomas Summers

Falling Men and Cosmic Dust on gainperspectiveblog

All of my clothes feel like somebody’s old throwaways on Desperate to Entertain


Carnivorous on Peregrinating the Isle of Life


As it’s the first week, I thought I’d share a blog that welcomes submissions and posts pieces from a huge range of writers. I find it very inspiring to discover such a variety of poetry in one place, so here it is: Poet’s Corner.

I hope you enjoy going through these posts as much as I did. Happy reading! And if you’ve read something worthy of sharing, add a link in the comments below to share it with everyone else!

Writing Tips: Extraneous “That”

A very useful writing tip to help cut unnecessary words out of your sentences.

Writings By Ender

The writing I seek to produce is one trimmed of fat. Reading bulky writing is exhausting and has a tendency to ramble. It does pay to switch up sentence length however, so don’t misunderstand me there. One issue that irritates me is the word “that”. Let’s look at the first sentence of this paragraph: “The writing I seek to produce is one trimmed of fat”. In the process of writing an article talking about the qualifier “that,” I almost loaded this sentence with them. The sentence almost looked like this:

“The writing that I seek out to produce is one that is trimmed of fat.”

Doesn’t it just weigh in the brain like a corpse? There are sentences that make “that” mandatory but often the word can be omitted. Still not seeing the problem? Let’s look at it another way.

Every excess word, every way you force a qualifier into…

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INSPIRATION CALL: Holiday Photo Writing Challenge

Here’s a great writing challenge – perfect for this time of year.

Creative Talents Unleashed


INSPIRATION CALL: Holiday Photo Writing Challenge
Use the photo below as inspiration to write a poem or short story with the theme: HOPE

Get Creative at

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Don’t Drown

A beautiful poem, fantastic art to match

Five Foot Nomad

Sometimes life becomes a trap, a repetitive slap to the face

but whether we drown or we swim
the skies won’t stop falling

anytime you think you’ve lost and you give up

the sun won’t stop shining

anytime the wounds seem like they won’t heal,

just then, we discover a full moon of joy

as I watch him sleep, so peaceful almost a saint

my fingers combing through his silky hair I realize

it doesn’t matter anymore who is right or wrong

we just never know what the future holds

so just keep smiling, seeing a tomorrow brighter than stars

whatever happens, still the sun will shine, right there where you are

so please my love, don’t drown.

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My Mechanic’s Broken Thing 

Really enjoyable, a great read.

allison writes

Photo by Allison Bedford

He patched and painted the ceiling in the dining room after I took a step in the attic without the knowlege that one must only step on the beams.

One year, our Christmas tree just would not stay up. Until he screwed the stand to the floor.Right through the carpet.

I’ve watched him open up computers, fiddle around, button them back up and suddenly they work again. But once they’re loaded up, he’s got no use for them.

He has six children. Six times (Daddy, fix thistimes the number of toys each child has owned and/or touched and/or played with) plus (the number of friends who have visited our house times all the toys they’ve broken while here or brought because the toy was broken and they wanted him to fix it)equals roughly a metric fuck-ton of broken.

No child has ever walked…

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#33 I am only human. . . . 

A great poem, really interesting …

poems i make .

When I wake up from the sleep of mystery
I remember of a distant dream,
One covered in moss and veils of green mischief.

The place is as far as possible from the real
Covered in all snow.
There ancient trees and gates are the things standing,
And thin smokes from the huts left.

Sitting by the window listening to the winds,
Reporting from the far away Prince’s land,
There’s one girl that doesn’t fit in here.

She was the Prince’s match,
Denied him her body, stayed alone
Left a life of secure submission.

One life she had to live, she would, she knew,
She ran away to the far world, away,
Where none of her kind ever went.

It was the human world that she reached,
Surprised to see such beauty everywhere
Still distance amongst everybody.

She wondered how life worked here,
She could only notice “people” talking to…

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Writing Prompt #191 “A World Apart Part 1”

Here’s a great writing exercise for you to try!

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

purple-crystals-by-mydigitalsin mydigitalsin@Deviant Art

This week we are doing something a little bit different you are going to create a fictional landscape/dreamscape. For those of you worried about the collages there are still more to come in future installments!

Step 1 is the setting. If you don’t feel comfortable creating a place from scratch you can use a preexisting place such as Hogwart’s Academy, Venus, Toronto, your local coffee shop, The Shire, Sigil, Gotham etc.

Or in more generic terms you can describe/create
A planet
A city
A village
A school
A hospital
An institution
A playground
A household
Basically any place you can think of

For this first exercise you don’t need to describe the inhabitants in detail, the religious or philosophical beliefs, the government/codes of conduct because that will come in later installments. For this first exercise I just want you to focus on the appearance and qualities of the…

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