Skinned Alive

Memories of you creep beneath my flesh
Working their way deep inside

I could cut you out with a knife
But that would only leave scars

Worse than the ones you gave me
When you ran away with her

A response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Skin.


Darkest Passions

I must admit, I do not know
Whether it is the eerie glow
That makes your secrets interest me
Or if it’s something I can’t see.
But always, you have filled my mind
With sense of power over mankind:
It helped me through on solemn days
(And in some more erotic ways)
To ponder evil over good;
I feel more curious than I should.
The elusive secrets of your magic
Could turn into something tragic:
Why then, do you lure me in?
Today I count another sin.

A response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Dark.

Poetry 101: Day

The Last Day

Mass of gathered insects
Standing around a stage;
A performance of gore
To say goodbye to breath

Buzzing with hungry energy
Executioner swings hard;
The thunder of a cheer
Muted abruptly by axe

Final moments replay
Soaring over swarming crowds;
Something missing here
A body left on the ground

Crawling creatures below
Continue empty lives in vain;
Last minute of mine over
What lies beyond begins today

Poetry101: No

I asked the children next door
If I could go over
To play tag with them
“No!” they cried
And ran inside their home

I asked the kids at school
If I could sit at their table
And read a book with them
“No!” they told me
And waved me away

I asked the girls in my new class
If I could join them at break
To have lunch with them
“No!” they scoffed at me
And stood up to walk away

I asked the boy I fancied
If he would go like to go to
The school dance with me
“No!” he said
And laughed with his friends

I asked the school councillor
If I could become an actress
In the biggest blockbusters
“No!” she answered
As though it was a joke

Twenty one
I asked the students in my lecture
If they were having a house party
At their place tonight
“No!” they lied, wondering
Who had told me about it

My mother asks me what
I want to do with my life
Promising I can achieve anything
“No!” my mind screams:
I know that much by now

Poetry101: Home

Suzie Come Home

One day, you will understand
Mummy’s fears; daddy’s demand
To hear the truth come from you
(If only we had had a clue)
But you, aware of the debate
Hid away the signs, the weight
And gained it in secret, until
Against your every whim and will
You could no longer disguise the fact:
The truth we learned, how he attacked
Young Suzie, now bearing a child,
Allowed the terror to drive you wild;
Wherever in the world you are
Running will not hide the nasty scar
Within your mind, and so we pray
That Suzie will come home today.
Your sorrow puts up a bold fight
With mum and dad, you’ll find the might
To overcome the worst affliction
And prove your parents’ shared conviction
That out of the darkness good will rise
(So take off your long worn disguise);
Suzie, forget that ifs, the maybe
Come back home to have your baby.

Poetry101: End

I thought I saw it
Approaching me
From a distance,
But it crept up
Closer to me
When I was unaware
And granted me only pain.
It was sudden and alarming:
An avalanche of
Hitting me again and again
As waves unending
Struck me down.
That’s what happened
When you left me.
I shook first with hurt;
Hurt turned to fear
Of being alone;
Third, with desire
For the love I had imagined
We had shared.
But sorrow is not eternal;
Joy outshone my tears
In the end
When I discovered
That the heartbreak I felt
Was just a new

Poetry 101: Right

If you, like me, miss Writing 201, then you might want to go to Mara Eastern’s blog and check out the Poetry 101 Rehab challenge. It’s weekly rather than daily, which will be useful for many people.

I’ll be posting my responses on Thursdays. This week’s prompt is ‘Right’. Here’s my contribution:

 Her Rights

Did she do
To you?

Did she ever say
That you are allowed
To tell her
What to do
With her body?

Have you forgotten
That women are
Your mothers
Your sisters
Your wives
And your daughters?

Why do you believe
You can shame her
For having sex
Or wearing
Whatever she wants?

She’s insulted
When you tell her
She’d be prettier if
She smiled
More often.

She’s offended
When you tell her
She does not deserve
To earn
As much as you.

She’s disgusted
When you tell her
She shouldn’t have worn
Those clothes
On that night.

It’s time
You remembered
That these are her rights
And you need to shut up.