Teacher! Teacher!


Teacher! Teacher!
Tiny hands reach up
In the hopes of a high-five
From this mysterious teacher
Born in a country
Far away,
Only seen in movies
And on maps of the world

Teacher! Teacher!
Excited students
Gather around to question
This stranger on who they are, where
They came from, and if
They’ve got
A boyfriend or girlfriend –
They always ask that one!

Teacher! Teacher!
Eager faces stare
As Teacher enters the room.
School is strict, with silent lessons,
But this one will be
Great fun! With
Funny games to drill home
The language that the students know

Teacher! Teacher!
Your confidence shines
Through you into your lessons now:
Able to act on any need,
To turn the boring
Into play.
When subjects entertain,
The students ace your class!

Teacher! Teacher!
Will you stay with us?
These lively, energetic
Lessons have become our favourites!
Now Teacher, you are
By every class you teach –
So maybe you deserve a break!

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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Tattooed Hearts


Did not register
In his mind.
He had no
Mental chains
To tie him down,
To pull him away
From the absurd,
The unexpected
Or the embarrassing.

Did not matter
To him.
He wore his
Upon his skin.
It was inspiring
To see him surrender
To whatever
He wanted to do.

Did not apply:
He was unbound.
He did not
Think twice
(Or even once,
Only acted
Without explanation,
Ignoring judgement.

In his soul
To be happy
And nothing more
Than that.
He was freer
In spirit
Than anyone
Who places rules
Before their needs.

On his face
Night and day,
But never more so
Than when
He told the stories
Written on
His skin,
Tattooed across
His heart.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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One Bucket Woman


What’s a vodka and lemon bucket?
Okay, I’ll have one. Is it good?
It’s good?
Then I’ll have one.

It’s like a miniature fish bowl.
I didn’t expect it to be that big.
I need two hands to hold this bucket.
Oh – oh my!
Did they put any lemon in this?
Are they always this strong?

I think I’ll drink this slowly.
Don’t want to get hammered
On my first night out.
I don’t even know how to get home.

Actually, it doesn’t taste that strong now.
I might have another
After I’ve finished this one.
You were right.
It is good.
And no –
I don’t feel drunk!

Nobody appreciates my dance moves?
Whoops –

Wow, the floor got really close
Really fast.

Do you know –
No, no, listen to me –
Did you know –
Oh, man –
I just love you guys –
Did you guys know that?

You’re leaving?
Oh, come on! The night’s still young!
No, no –
It’s fine,
I can find my way home.
I can –
Don’t you know that?

Oh, man.
Where am I?
Oh, man.
My head’s really throbbing.
Oh, man!
I’m not touching
One of those buckets again.

You’re drinking
Vodka and lemon buckets again?
Oh, go on then,
I’ll just have one …

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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The Bus Driver


A smile is a universal message.
He knew almost no English –
“Beer” the exception to the rule –
But his expressions told his story

In the morning, seated outside work
With a can in one hand, smoking as though
Intent to defeat some world record,
He greeted us all in the same way

“Beer!” his cry, pitched with a grin
As merry as could be; who knew
Despite the language barriers,
He could be such great company?

Never did I see him without that wily
Look. He wore his grin dusk ’til dawn –
Though those of us who preferred
Sober bus drivers remained cautious.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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… And a Dance


Two dragons,
Each composed of two grown men;
Another man dressed as
A large, golden Buddha.
They progress around the room, pausing
At each table
To spread smiles
And bring cheer
To their audience.

On the stage, they dance
And twist, flashing colours
Before our eyes,
Filling our vision with rainbows
Of red and gold.
However long they spark amusement,
Time flies by at double speed.

We see ourselves as strangers in our homes,
Outsiders looking upon
Our own cultures, wondering
Just as we are marvelling,
Viewing Christmas lights
And Easter eggs
And media obsession with royals
With alien meaning and intention,
All understanding lost. For this
Is who we are,
Watching the dragons dance,
Observing without knowing
Blind although we see.

It makes the moment
No less beautiful,
The evening no less enthralling;
We have no bias, existing
Purely to enjoy
And nothing more.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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Tet: A Meal …


Lunar New Year is a time
For relaxation, celebration, salutation
And great joy for all. Flags unfurl,
Hanging from every building,
Swaying with the same energy that infects
Everyone below.

We take a break
From all our efforts, joining
Together to observe the celebrations.

There’s a large meal put on
For all the teachers, organized
By our boss, enough
To impress
The stockholders. We inhale
The scent of good food
And our stomachs answer in earnest,
Begging to try everything.

Tables laid out in perfect design,
Each a splendid replica of the last;
Vivid pictures in our minds
For years to come.
Melting on the tongue,
The food takes centre stage,
Lighting up our mouths with
Unique and wonderful flavours.

Then the drums begin
From somewhere behind us,
Confusing our ears
As we search for the source
Of the sound.

Thud, thud, thud
And thump, thump, thump
And rat-a-tat-a-tat;
They make our fingers tap.
The sounds infect our bodies
Until they feel as though
They come from inside of us.

Where is that noise coming from?
It grows in volume, intensifies
Until we could explode
From the vibrations coursing through us.
Then through a door
That bursts wide open
Comes the evening’s entertainment.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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Shades of the Same Skin: Laura Marie Clark

Check out my contribution to the ‘Shades of the Same Skin’ anthology:

Creative Talents Unleashed

Laura Clark Picture

Introducing Laura Marie Clark

From and currently resides: England, UK.

 I was born and raised in a tiny village. No church, no shop, no village hall … the isolation developed two opposite aspects of my personality: my nervous, shy love of being alone, and my wish to live somewhere vibrant, active and loud.

 As a teenager, I went on a Polish exchange trip with school, which was the first time I had really – though temporarily – felt immersed in another culture. That was when I realized how much there is out there to discover, both at home and abroad.

Later, when I lived in Vietnam, I felt a huge change in the way that I wrote, and spent more of my time writing poetry and focusing on (usually negative) emotions and human experiences. I had seen how some of the poorer people there lived and I wanted to share…

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A Moment of Clarity


Ah – what was it that worried me again?

My nagging questions have subsided
Over an afternoon teaching eager students, who
Met every single target with delightful glee;
Encouraged to go on, I am fulfilled,
New eyes looking at each classroom, thinking
That teaching has rich rewards for those who try.

Oh, it’s all a learning process, of course,
For every lesson has its challenges to overcome.

Clear as day, I see this job not as my enemy:
Let problems come and I will strike them down
Aware that passion comes from great achievement, I
Reach odds once thought hopeless to beat;
It’s time to embrace this chance to teach
The energetic children who have chosen me.
Yes, this does seem like the life for me.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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“City of the World” by Laura Marie Clark

On 31st October 2013, I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the south of Vietnam. A recent graduate, I had looked at the jobs available to me in the United Kingdom and decided – against every introverted fibre of my being – to move abroad and teach English as a foreign language. As someone who struggles with social anxiety, it was not easy to adapt. Presentations were my worst nightmare – and now I was going to be doing them every day in front of people of all ages. But it was an adventure, and that was the important part. These poems tell my story.


Praise for “City of the World”:

5 STAR REVIEW – Amazon Verified Purchase

“This compilation of poems is a meditative and intimate exploration of the writer’s time in Vietnam. It brilliantly conveys the exciting nature of being in a new and challenging environment as well as the anxieties and obstacles that come with it.”

City of the world is available in Paperback.




Laura Marie Clark is a graduate from England, UK. She has been writing for many years, after becoming inspired in an English literature class when some of the other students mocked her poetry. She graduated in 2013, then spent 10 months living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In November 2015 her debut collection of poetry, City of the World, was published. This book is based on her experiences as an expat.