YouTube Tuesday: A Siren Sang to Me

It’s Tuesday again, and that means another poem uploaded onto my YouTube account. This one is “A Siren Sang to Me”.

A Siren Sang to Me

Her voice was fire burning through my veins:
As I listened to her sing, I cared not for lyrics,
Meanings or interpretations, for she was enough
Without another to rewrite her words.
She scorched her way around my body
Burning memories of pain and heartbreak caused
By past lovers; her purging flames sought out my heart
And encased it in the heat of ecstasy.
I fell in love with the way she sounded:
The spark of her laughter, her blistering songs.
I was reduced to ashes by a stranger’s voice,
Like a sailor shipwrecked on some rocky isle.

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New Love Begins

They were the shadows that danced on street corners
Swirling, spinning, their shapes combining
Beneath the flickering lamps on street corners
Down dark, grubby alleyways, under heavy rain
As their shoes splashed in the filthy puddles
Throwing up droplets of water, as the water rippled
And waves reared up, then crashed onto insects lost
In an unanticipated downpour from above
They were the colours that blended together, reflected
In the windows of the stores across the street
From flashy neon lights, exclaiming businesses
In gaudy signs, for the sleaziest means
As their clothes twisted and moved in tandem
Rubbing against one another, coming closer and closer
And their hands met in the darkness, then closed tight
With fingers that refused to let go

River That Flows In Me by Felicity Green

He came up to the piano.
It was like seeing a child
filled with wonder
and curiosity.
He was a friend of mine,
but a pianist that I never knew of.
As his fingers touched
the black and white keys,
my view started to change.

I didn’t see any tables
or chairs
or the rest of the people
aside from us.
I saw a vision of us,
side by side,
as our hearts
bring out rivers
that would flow
and onto the music.
Our rivers roaring
in unison.
Our rivers strong enough
that nothing can
destroy our
rhythm and

I saw colours.
Colours of beauty and awe,
it was like seeing a rainbow
after for so long.

I never believed in this kind of falling
in love.
But, maybe I wasn’t falling in love;
maybe it was there all along.
Maybe, this time,
my river
has started
in me.

About Felicity

Felicity Green is an amateur writer and photographer in the Philippines. She writes and expresses herself through music, art, writing, and dance.

Felicity regularly writes poems on topics such as life and romance. You can read more of her poems and follow her on her blog:

Heart of Steel: Short Fic Friday

A really good story. I like how John is uncomfortable with perfection, and strives for something a bit more real.

Introvert Playground

John slammed the door to his car, sucked in all the air his lungs could hold, and let out a loud, violent cough. Sweet, sweet relief. He could breathe, the tickle in his throat that he had been fighting all night was finally clear.

“Hello,” he said to himself, his voice markedly softer than his hacking. Yes, his voice was back to normal. It sounded less sexy unclouded by phlegm. She probably didn’t notice, either way.


John jumped, whipped his head to the right. Shit. There she was, just outside his passenger door. He thought she had gotten in her own car already. Did she hear that terrible cough? She was just as beautiful as her picture on the site, just like the rest.

“Sorry,” he said, mind racing, neck sweating. “I didn’t see you. I…sorry. I’m just…” She stared politely, letting him finish. “Nervous. I’m not good at…

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The Date

A nice little twist at the end of this short story. The use of the word ‘termination’ makes it even better on the second read.

The Lonely Author


The Date

Ray poured rum into two ice filled glasses.

Glancing at the mirror on the wall, he admired the sleek woman kicking off her shoes. She wasted no time heading directly for the bedroom.

This will be my greatest conquest.

He sighed. He never bedded anyone as beautiful as her.

“Ray, what’s taking so long?”

He trembled with anticipation. She is way out of my league. Not the kind of girl I normally pick up.

He hurried into the bedroom as her skirt crumpled to the carpeted floor.

He handed her the drink.

They clicked glasses.

“To new romance.”

Ray gazed into her aqua eyes hoping she melted when she looked into his.

She held up her glass, “To the termination of a beautiful evening.”

Admiring her choice of words, he nodded. Wow, she is a dream come true.

Taking the glass from her hand he pushed her down…

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Valentine’s Day without the Valentines

Here’s a great non-romantic valentines prompt with a possible feature in an anthology. I’ll be posting a poem for this prompt soon – will you?

The Reverie

It’s back. Hearts. Flowers. Chocolate. More couples than you knew existed skipping their way out of the woodwork. Hallmark’s cash register chiming cha-ching! It’s February and the Valentines are letting their red and pink shine.

Let’s try something a little different in honor of this holiday for lovers. I’m going to give you a list of lucky number 13 words associated with Valentine’s Day. I want you to write about anything but romance. Non-romance poem, heavy in romantic words. Try to use all of the words. I think you can totally rock this challenge.

Remember to always bring more people to the party. You may not be in love with Valentine’s Day, but share the love with your friends anyway.

Remember any poems linked up to this post will be considered for this year’s anthology. Happy writing!

  1. heart
  2. teddy
  3. ring
  4. partner
  5. date
  6. romance
  7. affection
  8. rose
  9. committed
  10. spark
  11. passion
  12. whispers
  13. love

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