YouTube Tuesday: Moving In

Welcome back to YouTube Tuesday! I’m really enjoying posting my poetry to YouTube, it’s a new challenge that lets me revisit old poems and look at them in a different way. This week, I present “Moving In”, from my book of poems “City of the World”.

Moving In

The thunder of busy roads becomes a constant reality,
Litter on the streets attracts a plague of misery;
Unwelcome guests can crawl inside underneath your door
A padlock is the only thing that keeps your home secure

There’s a three-lane motorway at the end of the street,
A shopping centre down the road with great places to eat
From western favourites to untried eastern delicacies;
All desires catered for with exquisite recipes

This narrow street feels separate from everything around
Lonely motorbikes and busy chatter are the only sounds;
Drive up the ramp into your house, park it in the front room,
Four or five bikes stood together in the gloom

The building is four stories high, a balcony at the top
The spiral staircase in the centre seems to never stop;
Ceilings high, spacious rooms, simple decoration,
Designs that do not fail to suggest a temporary location

This is not a place where you would have expected to live
But the more time you spend here, the more it seems to give;
Empty walls provide no more than a room to rest your head:
Your time is spent out in the city, occupied instead

A hotel home shared with others, also there to see
Everything that is on offer in this vast city;
Possessions few, a suitcase full of clothes and favourite things
But within this community you will feel like a king

Money aplenty to spend on food, on fun, on booze;
You’ll be surrounded every day by a world to amuse
And once you’re comfortable in this intriguing place,
You’ll find it hard to picture anywhere else as your base

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YouTube Tuesday: Arrival in Ho Chi Minh

Back to the real world after my birthday – and it’s YouTube Tuesday again! Here’s “Arrival in Ho Chi Minh”, an excerpt from my book “City of the World”.

Arrival in Ho Chi Minh

It rises like a crescendo
Steady and quite sure
Then falls like a cliff edge
And I know of no cure

The turbulence meant nothing
But another leap to me
On my insane, lonesome voyage
To Ho Chi Minh City

I forgot my education
(Wait – what’s my name?)
If everything were to go wrong,
Then I would be to blame

It rose like a crescendo,
Fastened onto my heart,
Then fell like a cliff edge,
And pierced me like a dart

I had done it! Reached a place
That I knew nothing of;
Despite the fear inside me,
One that I would come to love.

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YouTube Tuesday: The Hermit

It’s that time of week again – time for another YouTube clip. This week’s poem is “The Hermit”, an excerpt from my book “City of the World”. Check it out below!

The Hermit

The dream was simple
With a hint of something
A shaky apprehension
Threatening to shatter
The illusion.
In the summer sun, anything
Seemed possible;
Even the crazy – turning
From a hermit sheltering in
A secluded corner
Of an empty beach
To a fully-fledged adventurer
Going where? Leaving when?
Who could tell?
A loner in the wind.
The crab listened with interest
To suggestions,
Fired from all angles,
Took new ideas on board, however
Out of character they seemed.
A claw dug through the sand
That was its shelter
And with intention,
Slow but deliberate,
The hermit followed.
The world outside beckoned
To it, calling
Attention to future possibilities;
So it scuttled away to discover
What the shelter
Could not teach it
On that little beach where it hid;
Plunging into the ocean, it made
The first step out
To sea, to the world beyond
Its protective shelter,
Where brand new memories
Waited to be found.

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YouTube Tuesday: City of the World

Here’s a short one for this week. The first poem from my book “City of the World”, also called City of the World:

City of the World

So many faces, so many names!
How am I to immortalize them all?
The marvels, the jokes, the many joys
That belong to every one?
Around the globe, from East to West,
We came to sample the fruits
Of the home we found together
Far beyond our simple beginnings

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Bui Vien

Sunlight cascades down from pleasant skies
Settling on the heads and shoulders of those walking round;
A street lined with bars, restaurants and shops,
Street vendors busy selling their wares at every door.

Air alive with enthusiasm, filled with sounds of motion,
Of taxis and motorbikes that dodge tourists’ feet;
Of hesitant foreigners looking for a gap in the traffic
Unaware the rule is to walk and never look back.

Banners fly high advertising food and drink,
Places to stay and day trips out, in eye-popping fashion;
By day hostels sell alcohol, their customers spilling out
Onto the streets, seated on uncomfortable plastic chairs.

By night hotels bathe the sky in bright, glitzy lights;
The sight a wonder to behold, the smells even more
Inviting: here western grub, there eastern food,
Scents mingling together in a delightful mixture.

Aromas waft under your nose, and your stomach rumbles
At the thought of sampling something never before
To grace your tongue. An invitation to explore, discover
In easy comfort: Bui Vien will cater to every tourist’s need.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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A Tribute to Strangers


I have seen people living
In situations so bad
It taught me how lucky I am
To have been born here

There are some I remember
More than others,
Though they will never learn
Of their impact on me

I recall their smiles and joy;
A beautiful memory
At one time nothing special,
Something very sacred now.

The ones who slept on the street
And made so little
Are behind my attempts
To become a better me

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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Teacher! Teacher!


Teacher! Teacher!
Tiny hands reach up
In the hopes of a high-five
From this mysterious teacher
Born in a country
Far away,
Only seen in movies
And on maps of the world

Teacher! Teacher!
Excited students
Gather around to question
This stranger on who they are, where
They came from, and if
They’ve got
A boyfriend or girlfriend –
They always ask that one!

Teacher! Teacher!
Eager faces stare
As Teacher enters the room.
School is strict, with silent lessons,
But this one will be
Great fun! With
Funny games to drill home
The language that the students know

Teacher! Teacher!
Your confidence shines
Through you into your lessons now:
Able to act on any need,
To turn the boring
Into play.
When subjects entertain,
The students ace your class!

Teacher! Teacher!
Will you stay with us?
These lively, energetic
Lessons have become our favourites!
Now Teacher, you are
By every class you teach –
So maybe you deserve a break!

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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