Monday Reflection: Week 4

Welcome back to Monday Reflection! Now that my essays are handed in, my exams are over, and my dissertation proposal has been finished I’ve got (just a little) more time on my hands. I read a lot on my dash this week, but here’s a few things I picked out t share.


Dumb Poet on Little Spud in the Big Apple

Ghostly Whisper on The Darkest Fairytale


Tempest Rising on The Darker Realms

The Incline by Scott Jessop on Fictive Dream


Here’s a busy poetry blog for you to check out: Eyes + Words. There’s great poetry posted every day, and if the poems themselves don’t inspire you to write then the imagery attached to them just might.

I hope you enjoy going through these posts as much as I did. Happy reading! And if you’ve read something worth reading, add a link in the comments below to share it with everyone else!

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